Thankful and Blessed Embroidered Wet Bag, Washable Bag with Waterproof Lining

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This bag has a waterproof lining with sealed seams perfect for containing wet or yucky items.  It is embroidered with the phrase "Thankful and Blessed"

  • 8"WX10"H
  • 11"WX12"H
  • 12"WX15"H
Zipper Color
  • White
  • Black
Strap Style
  • 2 Top Straps
  • 1 Side Strap

-This wet bag has two layers. The  outside fabric is an outdoor fabric that is water and soil resistant.  The inside is  a waterproof, wipe clean lining with sealed seams  to prevent leaking and contain wetness and smells much better than unsealed bags. 

-Zipper Closure

-Choose Top strap or side strap 

-Choose white or black zipper 

Use it as a kitchen wet bag, laundry bag, car trash bag, cloth diaper bag, soiled clothing bag, etc.

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